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You should read carefully License, Introduction, and Components first. If you have JDBC programming experience and SQL92 knowledge, you can start easily your project after you know com.hxtt.sql.cobol.CobolDriver (the suitable JDBC driver class name) and jdbc:cobol:///[DatabasePath] (the correct embedded JDBC url) from here. You will get up to date information relating to the HXTT Cobol, and look at current documentation from here. JDBC 4.2 packages are for JDK1.8.X. JDBC 4.1 packages are for JDK 1.7.X, and 1.8.X. JDBC 4.0 packages are for JDK 1.6.X, 1.7.X, and 1.8.X. JDBC 3.0 packages are for JDK 1.3.X, 1.4.X, 1.5.X, 1.6.X, 1.7.X, and 1.8.X. JDBC 2.0 packages are for JDK 1.2.X, and 1.3.X. JDBC 1.2 packages are for JDK1.1.X, and Personal Java. For questions and general support, you should submit your request at HXTT's technical support site.




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Download JDBC4.2 packages, JDBC4.2 demo, JDBC4.1 packages, JDBC4.1 demo, JDBC4.0 packages, JDBC4.0 demo, JDBC3.0 packages, JDBC3.0 demo, JDBC2.0 packages, JDBC2.0 demo, JDBC1.2 packages, JDBC1.2 demo, Development Documentation, and so on

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